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Kitchen Fire Suppression, Emergency Lighting & More

Looking to bolster your building’s fire protection? It’s important to work with a reliable fire system installation company in your area. Fire Science Techniques has been a trusted source for quality kitchen fire suppression and emergency lighting installation since 1985. We serve business owners in the Chicagoland area, including southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana.
Planning to install a fire suppression system in your commercial kitchen or business in the Chicago area? Contact Fire Science Techniques online or call us today to request a quote today!

Our Fire Protection System Installation Services

Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting ensures safety during power outages or emergencies by providing illumination at exit points and walkways. We first start by surveying your building and completing a lighting plan that covers all the essential areas and ensures your business is compliant with regulations. We then install the lighting and ensure everything is functioning as it should.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Installation

Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems automatically detect and suppress fires by releasing extinguishers as soon as they start. This will help to reduce any potential damage to your property and improve the safety of your employees and guests. We also provide staff training on system operation and ensure the system is certified to meet fire codes.

Auto Body Paint Booth Installation Services

Auto body paint booth fire suppression systems detect and suppress fires early. This creates a safer work environment and ensures that your business meets industry safety regulations. Our team will first survey your paint booth and the surrounding area. We will then design a custom fire suppression system that is optimal for your space. We also provide training and information about how the system works.

Fire Extinguisher Installation Services

Our fire extinguisher installation services ensure that extinguishers are strategically placed and easily accessible. Having fire extinguishers that are properly installed and in the right places will create a safer workspace and help prevent damage if a fire occurs. We will conduct a site assessment, securely install the extinguishers, and train staff on their proper use should they have to use them.

Kitchen Hood Installation

Installing a kitchen hood is essential for safely removing smoke, heat, and fumes generated during cooking. This is vital for maintaining a safe work environment. We make sure that your kitchen hood is securely installed, up to code, and functioning as it should. If you ever have any issues with your kitchen hood, our team is always here to provide support and any replacements necessary.

The Importance of Fire Protection Systems in Buildings

Fire protection systems are vital for keeping people and property safe in commercial buildings.

These systems, which include fire suppression, emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers, are essential for detecting, containing, and putting out fires in a quick and safe way.

These systems are especially important in kitchens where people are working around flames and smoke on a daily basis. 

Our fire protection systems ensure that you are not only compliant with local codes and regulations, but that you are also providing a safe environment for your employees and guests.

Why Choose Fire Science Techniques

Fire Science Techniques has been keeping businesses safe & compliant for over 30 years. Trusted by small independent restaurants and larger restaurant groups across the Midwest.

Reputation Matters

For over 30 years, we have established our reputation as being the premier fire safety partner to commercial kitchens. Each year, thousands of your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, health care facilities and schools trust us with keeping their kitchens safe and operational.

Experienced Technicians

Our team of experienced professionals average 15+ years of field experience. What’s more, each year they participate in over 40 hours of continuing education to keep up to date on the latest trends in the industry. We’ve set the bar high – right where it should be – when your safety relies on our experience.

Technology Makes It Easy

Running a business is difficult, keeping your business safe shouldn’t be. We use technology to seamlessly schedule inspections, digitally store reports, communicate in real-time, and enable our field technicians to provide you with the best experience possible.

Excellence Is Expected

Fire Science Techniques has built a reputation as a dependable fire suppression company because we don't cut corners. We follow the National Fire Protection Association's standards and always prioritize the safety of our clients and their patrons.

What Clients Say


What a great experience with Fire Science Techniques – from start to finish they are a class-act. Scheduling was simple and easy, and the job was done in just a few days. The technician knew his stuff and happily explained the inspection process for our restaurants hood suppression system and fire extinguishers to insure they met code.


I needed fire extinguishers for my business and Fire Science did a great job installing the necessary fire extinguishers that I needed to be compliant with my insurance company and the city. They set up my account so that they will call me every year for the yearly inspection. It’s so helpful to have one less thing to remember! Highly recommended!


Fire Science Techniques is a wonderful vendor. They are superb in helping us book appointments, stay ahead of our renewal appointments and servicing our fire suppression systems. Would highly recommend! April and Max are phenomenal!

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation Near Chicago

Restaurants and other businesses with commercial kitchens face a higher fire risk than ordinary buildings. After all, high temperatures, flammable cooking fuels, and the hectic nature of commercial kitchens make this a highly fire-prone area. Luckily, Fire Science Techniques offers the fire protection systems that business owners need to suppress cooking fires quickly and effectively.
We install kitchen fire suppression in cafes, fast food restaurants, school cafeterias, hospitals, churches, food trucks, and more. We also offer fire suppression for other types of businesses, including paint booths and auto body shops with special fire hazards, as well as server rooms and data centers that need to protect delicate electronics from water damage.
You have three primary types of fire suppression systems to choose from:
No matter what type of fire suppression you need installed, our experts have a solution for your restaurant or business. Call 708-294-8104 or fill out our online form to get an estimate!

Emergency & Exit Lighting Installation in the Chicago Area

Emergency lighting is a critical part of your building safety and evacuation plan. Fire Science Techniques can design and install a system to keep you in line with national and local fire codes and insurance requirements. We’ll handle the entire process from start to finish to deliver a reliable, compliant backup lighting system.
Once the installation is complete, we’ll register your equipment and create an automatic inspection schedule for your convenience. Maintenance usually occurs yearly to keep you in compliance with safety regulations.
For emergency and exit lighting in Chicago and throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, contact Fire Science Techniques online or call 708-294-8104!

The Importance of Fire Protection Systems in Buildings

Keeping your building and personnel safe from fire requires a combination of fire prevention and fire protection techniques.
Fire prevention involves reducing the risk of fire in the first place. Here are some examples of smart fire prevention strategies:
Active fire protection defends your business if a blaze breaks out. These systems aim to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible to limit property damage. To maximize your fire protection efforts, follow these tips:

Schedule Fire Protection Installation in IL, IN & WI

If you’re looking to install new fire protection systems in your building, or you need help with fire prevention tips, Fire Science Techniques can help. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our certified technicians are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to satisfy all your fire protection needs.

We offer fire protection services for businesses and commercial kitchens throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas of CiceroEvanstonHoffman EstatesNapervilleOrland Park, and Schaumburg in Illinois. We also serve northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin!
For answers to remaining questions about fire protection installation in the greater Chicagoland area, or to request a quote for your upcoming project, please fill out our online form or call our team at 708-294-8104!


Fire Protection Installation and Services

Fire protection systems should be inspected and maintained at least twice a year by certified professionals to ensure they function properly and comply with safety standards.

If you already have a fire protection system in place but are not sure that it is working properly or is not up to code, give us a call. We would be happy to do an inspection and provide advice on any equipment that needs to be updated or repaired.

Fire codes are frequently updated, and aging equipment may become non-compliant. If an inspection shows your system is outdated or non-compliant, it’s crucial to replace it promptly to ensure safety and compliance. We can reassess your kitchen’s hazard level and layout to design a system that fits your needs.

We serve businesses and commercial kitchens throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas, including Cicero, Evanston, Hoffman Estates, Naperville, Orland Park, and Schaumburg in Illinois. We also serve northwestern Indiana and southern Wisconsin.

You can request a quote by contacting Fire Science Techniques online or by calling us at (708) 294-8104. Our team will discuss your specific needs and provide a detailed quote for the installation services.

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