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Paint Booth Fire Suppression Services

Some businesses rely on expensive mission-critical equipment for daily operations. Others store flammable liquids or volatile materials on-site for fire protection. Many buildings, especially those with paint booths, have a higher-than-average risk of fire. For areas like paint booths, where the risk of fire is significant due to the presence of flammable materials and equipment, having a robust fire suppression system is crucial.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the paint booth fire suppression system are essential to ensure its effectiveness in protecting against potential fires.

For paint booth fire suppression inspection needs, Fire Science Techniques offers a complete range of services. We specialize in the installation, thorough inspection, maintenance, and monitoring of paint booth fire suppression systems. Our team will ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of your paint booths.

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Paint Booth Fire Suppression & Protection Services

Having a properly installed and fully operational fire suppression system is critical to keep your business code-compliant and safe.

Maintaining records and ensuring your fire suppression systems are working is vital to keeping your auto body shop compliant.

Portable fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against a small but growing fire. That’s why it’s so important for all the extinguishers in your building to be fully operational and ready to perform at a moment’s notice. 

Emergency lights and exit signs are critical to operating a safe business. Fire Science Techniques offers inspection & repair services for code-compliant exit lighting systems. 

Why Choose Fire Science Techniques

Fire Science Techniques has been keeping businesses safe & compliant for over 30 years. Trusted by auto body shops, trades and industrial business that have paint booths across the Midwest.

Reputation Matters

For over 30 years, we have established our reputation as being the premier fire safety partner for businesses with paint booths.

Experienced Technicians

Our team of experienced professionals average 15+ years of field experience. What’s more, each year they participate in over 40 hours of continuing education to keep up to date on the latest trends in the industry. We’ve set the bar high – right where it should be – when your safety relies on our experience.

Technology Makes It Easy

Running a business is difficult, keeping your business safe shouldn’t be. We use technology to seamlessly schedule inspections, digitally store reports, communicate in real-time, and enable our field technicians to provide you with the best experience possible.

Excellence Is Expected

Fire Science Techniques has built a reputation as a dependable fire suppression company because we don't cut corners. We follow the National Fire Protection Association's standards and always prioritize the safety of our clients and their staff.

What Clients Say


What a great experience with Fire Science Techniques – from start to finish they are a class-act. Scheduling was simple and easy, and the job was done in just a few days. The technician knew his stuff and happily explained the inspection process for our restaurants hood suppression system and fire extinguishers to insure they met code.


I needed fire extinguishers for my business and Fire Science did a great job installing the necessary fire extinguishers that I needed to be compliant with my insurance company and the city. They set up my account so that they will call me every year for the yearly inspection. It’s so helpful to have one less thing to remember! Highly recommended!


Fire Science Techniques is a wonderful vendor. They are superb in helping us book appointments, stay ahead of our renewal appointments and servicing our fire suppression systems. Would highly recommend! April and Max are phenomenal!

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Installation & Replacement

The purpose of a fire suppression system is to extinguish flames in situations where water isn’t suitable. Paint booths and auto body shops need fire suppression because of the hazardous materials stored there. 

Fire Science Techniques specializes in designing new paint booth fire suppression systems and providing replacements for existing systems in the Chicagoland area. Our expert team meticulously assesses your specific requirements and executes a seamless installation process, guaranteeing reliable and code-compliant performance for your paint booth operations.

Need to install or replace a fire suppression system in the Greater Chicagoland area? Contact us today or call (708) 294-8104! 

Paint booth Fire Suppression Inspection & Testing

Ensuring the safety of your paint booth operations involves more than just installing a fire suppression system—it also requires routine inspections as mandated by local and national fire codes. Fire Science Techniques conducts thorough fire suppression testing to ensure the proper functioning of your system, thereby keeping your employees safe. Our professionals will perform a comprehensive fire suppression inspection to maintain your business’s compliance. Some of the key items on our checklist include:

  • Inspect pipes and nozzles
  • Test and clean all smoke and heat detectors
  • Verify the shutdown circuit
  • Check for changes in hazard level or layout requirements
  • Inspect input and output circuits
  • Simulate a system discharge and test releasing circuits
  • Check the hydrostatic test dates on cylinders and hoses
Fire suppression testing is also required, usually every six years, to ensure the operational effectiveness and structural integrity of the system’s pressurized cylinders and hoses. We can handle these tasks safely and competently so you can focus on running your  business.
For professional fire suppression inspections and testing contact Fire Science Techniques today.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Maintenance & Repair

For Paint Booth Fire Suppression Maintenance & Repair, consistent upkeep of your fire suppression system is critical for a safe facility. Fire Science Techniques specializes in managing this process on your behalf, crafting a maintenance plan that suits your business and equipment perfectly. Our services encompass hydrostatic testing, internal cylinder maintenance, fire suppression tank recharging, and replacement of power sources as required.

If we ever notice anything wrong with your fire suppression system while performing routine inspections and maintenance, we can conduct the necessary repair to ensure your equipment remains dependable in an emergency.

Call Fire Science Techniques at (708) 294-8104 for any fire suppression services. 

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Monitoring

For Paint Booth Fire Suppression Monitoring, Fire Science Techniques has a specialized team dedicated to 24/7 monitoring. This service ensures that emergency responders are promptly informed about any fire incidents in your paint booth, whether you’re present at the time or not, enhancing safety and response efficiency.

This provides incredible peace of mind, knowing that help will arrive quickly when you need it, even if a fire starts in the middle of the night when the building is vacant.

Do you need fire suppression services in Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin? Call (708) 294-8104 or contact us online.  

Fire Suppression Inspection

Inspecting fire suppression systems allows business owners to identify malfunctions or problems before they cause harm to buildings, equipment, and people. Visual inspections performed by our team will identify recent discharges, system status, and changes to the layout of equipment. When deficiencies are found by our team, they are communicated with clarity and urgency in order to make the system operational as quickly as possible.

Fire Suppression Maintenance

Continuous fire suppression system maintenance is the key to keeping your facility safe. Our team manages this process for you and builds a repair and maintenance plan that is tailored to your facility and your equipment. Some of our fire suppression system services include hydrostatic testing, six-year maintenance, recharging tanks, and replacing power sources when necessary.

Fire Suppression Testing

Testing fire suppression systems involves both the operational effectiveness of the systems and the structural integrity of pressurized components. Testing requirements vary by jurisdiction and system size. We will build a testing calendar that keeps your business compliant.

24-Hour Emergency Fire Protection Services

In the event of an emergency, we are available 24 hours a day to minimize your business downtime. Our 24-hour telephone number is (708) 294-8104.


A commercial kitchen fire suppression system is a specialized safety system that automatically detects and extinguishes fires using specific suppression agents. It targets flames directly over cooking equipment, interlocks with kitchen systems, and can be manually activated.

A fire suppression system is crucial for commercial kitchens because it helps prevent fire-related hazards, protects lives, and minimizes property damage.

A commercial kitchen fire suppression system should typically be inspected and maintained according to industry standards and local regulations. Generally, these systems require regular inspections at least twice a year by certified professionals to ensure proper functioning and compliance with safety standards.

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