Fire Suppression Rework Services Near Chicagoland

Fire Suppression Rework Services for Buildings & Commercial Kitchens in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin

For many businesses, automatic fire suppression is an integral part of the overall fire protection plan. All buildings with commercial kitchens, hazardous material storage areas, or delicate electronics need this type of system to protect life and property. Perhaps you operate out of an older building with an aging fire suppression system. These components won’t last forever, so now could be the time for a retrofit.

Fire Science Techniques is an experienced fire protection company in the Chicago area that can aid in your efforts to rework your fire suppression system. Whether components need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable technicians work with a wide range of products and brands, so we’re confident we can meet your safety and code compliance needs.

To learn more about our fire suppression rework services in the Chicagoland area, or to schedule a job estimate, please contact Fire Science Techniques.

Why Rework Your Fire Suppression System?

You probably don’t give your fire suppression equipment much thought, but if an emergency strikes, are you confident your current system would work as intended? If you’re not sure, it could be time for a retrofit. Here are the specific reasons why business owners ask Fire Science Techniques to rework their fire suppression system:

  • Remain code compliant: The desire to pass code inspections and avoid fines is the biggest motivator for many business owners. Consider exceeding requirements where possible to maximize safety.
  • Save lives: A fast-acting fire suppression system can put out commercial kitchen fires effectively and prevent dangerous re-flashing. Upgrading your system could be the key to achieving a positive outcome after a fire breaks out.
  • Preserve property: The key to a quick recovery after a fire is to have a suppression system that engages quickly. This requires the presence of sensitive fire detection components, which may only be possible with a system upgrade.
  • Protect the environment: If you still have a Halon suppression system, upgrading to an eco-friendlier clean agent could help you reach your environmental goals.

Fire Suppression Repair

When a primary component malfunctions, it must be repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might compromise your code compliance and put your building at risk if a fire breaks out. Fire Science Techniques can perform the necessary repairs to ensure your system remains dependable in an emergency.

Fire Suppression Replacement

If breakdowns occur quite frequently, you might be tired of paying for repeat repairs. In this situation, a replacement could be more cost-effective. Fire Science Techniques has experience replacing individual parts and entire systems for businesses in the Chicagoland area. Our team carefully works out your needs to ensure you end up with a reliable, code-compliant setup.

Fire Suppression Upgrade

The average fire protection system lasts 12 to 15 years. After this, the equipment may begin needing more frequent repairs, and replacement parts may become hard to find. Even if your system isn’t aging, a building renovation or code update could have you exploring your options. The experts at Fire Science Techniques will ensure your retrofit meets your building’s fire protection goals to ensure you maximize your investment.

Fire Suppression System Reworking in IL, IN & WI

For the past 30 years, we have aided business owners in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin with a variety of fire protection services, including suppression system retrofitting. As a licensed, bonded, and insured fire protection company, you can trust us to help you save lives and preserve property with top-of-the-line systems and unmatched customer service.

We offer fire protection services for businesses and commercial kitchens throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas of Cicero, Evanston, Hoffman Estates, Naperville, Orland Park, and Schaumburg in Illinois. We also serve western Indiana and southern Wisconsin!

For help deciding if you need a fire suppression system upgrade, or to request a quote, please contact Fire Science Techniques.