Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Services in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin

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Restaurants and other businesses in Chicago with commercial kitchens face a higher risk of fire than ordinary buildings. Having a properly installed and fully operational kitchen fire suppression system is critical to keep your restaurant code-compliant and help decrease the fire damage. If you already have a fire suppression system installed, that’s great! However, an inspection for your kitchen fire suppression system in Schaumburg, IL or the surrounding area will need to be done on an annual basis. You should always go with a company you trust to be sure that our safety standards are high and that we will only suggest necessary repairs or replacements for your system.

The experts at Fire Science Techniques have years of experience designing, installing, replacing, inspecting, and monitoring pre-engineered commercial kitchen hood systems in the Chicagoland area. Let us take care of all your safety and code compliance needs so you can focus on running your business. Our goal is to make fire protection a seamless part of your business.

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Chicagoland Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

The most common types of fires that break out in commercial kitchens are grease fires. If you throw water on the flames, the grease splatters and the fire spreads. That’s why you need a fire suppression system.

Commercial kitchens

Several different extinguishing agents are used in fire suppression systems today, including wet chemicals, dry chemicals, and clean agents. Ansul is a popular brand of special hazard fire protection products, including kitchen hood fire suppression systems.

Fire needs three things to burn: heat, fuel, and in. When a fire ignites, the kitchen fire suppression system activates, covering the flames and starving them of oxygen. The wet chemicals also combine with the grease to form a soapy substance. The process, known as saponification, prevents re-flashing once the fire goes out.

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Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Replacement

Fire codes are updated all the time, so if your aging equipment is no longer compliant, it may be time for a system replacement or upgrade. Fire Science Techniques can reassess your kitchen’s hazard level and layout to ensure we come up with a design that fits your needs without compromise. Getting a restaurant fire suppression replacement at your Evanston, IL commercial kitchen can save someone’s life. If your inspection shows that your system is no longer compliant, it’s better to get it replaced sooner rather than later.

Don’t let your broken kitchen fire suppression system wait too long before calling a technician. Call Fire Science Techniques to schedule a restaurant fire suppression replacement in Evanston, IL or the surrounding area today.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection & Testing

Kitchen hood fire suppression system inspection is a critical step to ensure optimal performance. Ansul system inspections must be performed at regular intervals by an authorized Ansul distributor like Fire Science Techniques. The system itself must be inspected at least once a year, and cylinder contents must be verified semi-annually. Kitchen fire suppression inspections in Schaumburg, IL and the surrounding areas are mandatory because your life can depend on it. You should never skip an inspection, which is why Fire Science Techniques has made it easy on you by keeping track of your inspections for you and showing up without you needing to make an appointment.

Internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing are also required for pressurized cylinders. Count on Fire Science Techniques to perform these tasks at the recommended intervals (usually every 6 and 12 years).

Don’t slack on getting your fire suppression system inspected! Fulfill any insurance or manufacturer requirements by scheduling a kitchen fire suppression inspection for your Schaumburg, IL business.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Design & Installation

Fire Science Techniques can design and install a new commercial kitchen fire suppression system for your restaurant, hospital, church, or school in the Chicagoland area. No matter if you just did an addition for your building or your old system fell out of code, we can get your restaurant fire suppression installation in Cicero, IL done quickly and with the highest-quality materials. We’ll thoroughly assess your needs, create a detailed design, coordinate the installation, and perform final testing to obtain inspection approval from local authorities.

Your current kitchen fire suppression system might not be up to code, or you may have added on to the building. Contact us today to start your restaurant fire suppression installation in Cicero, IL or the surrounding area.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Monitoring

All of the automatic fire protection systems in your building can be monitored, including the commercial kitchen hood. Monitoring creates a direct line of communication from your restaurant to the local fire department.

If the fire suppression system engages, personnel are notified immediately and dispatch to your business location without delay. This ensures optimal response times and provides complete fire protection, even when you’re away from your business.

Make sure your kitchen and building are always safe from the threat of a fire by installing a fire protection monitoring system. Fill out our online form to get a quote on installation!

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Services in IL, IN & WI

Whether you need a kitchen fire suppression system inspection, replacement, installation, or monitoring, count on Fire Science Techniques for the job. We have over 30 years of experience helping restaurant owners in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Our kitchen fire suppression systems in Orland Park, IL and the surrounding Chicago area are top of the line. We always use the best materials and make sure that the system makes sense for the business you have. We are also fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

We offer fire protection services for businesses and commercial kitchens throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas of Cicero, Evanston, Hoffman Estates, Naperville, Orland Park, and Schaumburg in Illinois. We also serve northwestern Indiana and southern Wisconsin!

To request kitchen fire suppression installation or inspection services in the Chicagoland area, call (708) 294-8104 or contact Fire Science Techniques online to request a quote and get started!