Fire Protection Services in Naperville, Illinois

If you’re looking for fire protection installation and inspection in the Naperville, IL area, Fire Science Techniques is the right fire protection company for you. We offer services for commercial kitchen fire suppression in Naperville, IL and the surrounding areas.

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Fire Suppression Services in Naperville

Fire Science Techniques is a leader in fire suppression services here in Illinois. Whether you need commercial kitchen fire suppression or server room fire protection in Naperville, Fire Science Techniques can help! We provide the following:

  • Fire suppression installation and replacement: Commercial kitchens, paint booths, server rooms, data centers, and other businesses face a higher risk of fire and a greater potential for loss of life and property if a blaze breaks out. Work with Fire Science Techniques to install a fully operational fire suppression system to help you recover faster after a fire.
  • Fire suppression inspection and testing: As a fire system inspection company, one of our primary focuses is to keep your fire protection equipment up and running. If you’re looking for fire suppression system inspection “near me,” contact us to learn more.
  • Fire suppression maintenance and repair: Ongoing maintenance is an important factor in keeping your fire suppression system operational. We offer hydrostatic testing, six-year maintenance, tank recharging, and power source replacement as needed. We also repair your suppression equipment if it ever stops working properly.
  • Fire suppression monitoring: When your suppression system kicks on in response to a fire, 24/7 monitoring from Fire Science Techniques ensures emergency responders automatically receive news of your emergency and dispatch to your Naperville business immediately.

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Naperville Fire Extinguisher Services

Handheld fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against unexpected blazes. Make sure your Naperville business is properly protected with these services:

  • Annual fire extinguisher inspection: You should assign a staff member to inspect your fire extinguishers visually once a month. Then, call on Fire Science Techniques to provide a professional inspection once a year. We’ll make sure your cylinders are code compliant and safe to use.
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance and testing: In addition to annual inspections, fire extinguishers must be hydrostatically tested and internally maintained, usually every six years. Choose Fire Science Techniques for these services to keep your extinguishers up to code.
  • Fire extinguisher refill and replacement: When a fire extinguisher is discharged, it requires immediate refill or replacement. We provide these services to Naperville restaurants and other businesses. While your extinguisher is being refilled, we provide you with a loaner to ensure your business stays safe.

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Exit & Emergency Lighting Services in Naperville, IL

Battery backup lighting is necessary to create a safe environment for your customers and employees in case of an emergency. Keep your Naperville business safe with these services:

  • Emergency exit lighting installation: Fire Science Techniques installs complete exit lighting systems from all manufacturers. We use detailed designs and engineering services to come up with the perfect system and layout. Then, we install the equipment, test its functionality, and obtain final inspection approval from the local authorities.
  • Emergency exit lighting inspection: Routine services ensure your emergency exit lighting operates flawlessly when you need it. Annual inspections and maintenance also keep your building compliant with national safety codes, local rules, and insurance regulations.

Our Fire Protection Company in Naperville

When it comes to quality, code-compliant fire protection services, no company does it better than Fire Science Techniques. We have over 30 years of experience working with restaurants and other businesses in Naperville, and we’re ready to serve as your long-term partner.

To learn more about our fire protection services in Naperville, or to schedule fire protection installation and inspection, please contact Fire Science Techniques today.