Fire Protection Services in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin

Looking for fire protection services “near me”? If you’re located in the Chicagoland area, including southern Wisconsin or northwest Indiana, Fire Science Techniques is the fire protection company for you! We have been a trusted source for quality fire suppression, emergency lighting, and fire extinguisher services since 1985.

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Fire Protection Inspections & Testing

Because fire codes require the presence of fire protection equipment, your building probably already has these systems. Of course, to keep everything up and running for years to come, you need to inspect, test, and maintain your equipment. Here’s what we offer:

  • Fire suppression system inspections and testing: We inspect thousands of pre-engineered fire suppression systems each year. Our customers include restaurants, schools, hospitals, paint booths, server rooms, and more.
  • Fire extinguisher inspections and testing: Servicing your fire extinguishers regularly isn’t just prudent—it’s also required by law. Choose Fire Science Techniques for annual fire extinguisher inspections, hydrostatic testing, and six-year maintenance.
  • Emergency and exit lighting inspections and testing: The backup lighting system in your building is an integral part of your safety and evacuation plan. To confirm that your emergency lights and exit signs illuminate as expected, schedule an annual inspection with Fire Science Techniques today.

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Fire Protection Replacement in Chicagoland

If the fire safety systems in your business no longer meet stringent code requirements, Fire Science Techniques can replace them. Here are our areas of expertise:

  • Fire suppression system replacement: Whether you’re concerned about cooking fires in your commercial kitchen, flammable liquid fires in your paint shop, or water damaged electronics in your data center, fire suppression is the right type of system for you. We’ll replace your existing equipment with a code-compliant setup to maximize safety and effectiveness.
  • Fire extinguisher replacement: No fire extinguisher lasts forever. If one of your cylinders becomes damaged or fails a hydrostatic test, we’ll help you find the proper replacement. We offer a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers, so we’re sure to have the brand, type, and size you need.
  • Emergency and exit lighting replacement: Broken or outdated backup lighting should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure you aren’t caught off-guard by a power outage.

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Fire Protection Installation in WI, IL & IN

If you’re constructing a new building or expanding your existing location, you must outfit the new structure with the proper fire protection equipment. Fire Science Techniques offers the following:

  • Fire suppression system installation: We can handle the entire installation process from start to finish. We’ll consult with you to determine your needs, create a detailed design, perform the installation, and test the equipment to obtain final approval from local authorities.
  • Emergency and exit lighting installation: Installing emergency lights in your new building will keep you up-to-date with fire codes and insurance requirements. We’ll handle the entire process for a functional, compliant end result.

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All of our services are powered by certified technicians and backed by over 30 years of experience. Let us satisfy all the fire protection needs of your Chicagoland business!

We offer fire protection services for businesses and commercial kitchens throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas of Cicero, Evanston, Hoffman Estates, Naperville, Orland Park, and Schaumburg in Illinois. We also serve western Indiana and southern Wisconsin!

We’re happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with a service quote. To get started, please contact us to request an estimate for fire protection services in the greater Chicagoland area.