Fire Protection Services in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

If you need fire protection services in Hoffman Estates, IL, look no further than Fire Science Techniques. As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, you can trust us to provide reliable installation, inspection, and repair services for your critical fire protection systems.

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Fire Suppression Services in Hoffman Estates

One of our specialties is installing and servicing fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens, paint booths, data centers, server rooms, and other facilities in Hoffman Estates. Here’s what we offer:

  • Fire suppression installation and replacement: If a fire breaks out, you want your business to recover as quickly as possible. Having an expertly designed and installed fire suppression system is the first step, and Fire Science Techniques can make it happen.
  • Fire suppression inspection and testing: Following installation, the next step is to keep up with regularly scheduled inspections. A visit from Fire Science Techniques includes a visual inspection and structural integrity tests. These not only protect your business, customers, and employees, but they also ensure compliance with local codes and insurance requirements.
  • Fire suppression maintenance and repair: Our team provides routine hydrostatic testing, six-year maintenance, tank recharging, and power source replacement. We also repair damaged or malfunctioning fire suppression systems as needed.
  • Fire suppression monitoring: Set up 24/7 monitoring from Fire Science Techniques to ensure the authorities are alerted immediately if the suppression system engages. This ensures that help arrives quickly, whether the fire starts during regular business hours or in the middle of the night.

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Hoffman Estates Fire Extinguisher Services

A fast-acting employee armed with a functioning fire extinguisher can douse a small fire before it grows into a serious hazard. Increase the likelihood of a positive outcome in this situation with the following fire extinguisher services from Fire Science Techniques:

  • Annual fire extinguisher inspection: While you should check your extinguishers monthly, professional inspections are required once a year. This service involves examining the pressure gauge, hoses, seals, and cylinder to ensure they’re all in good condition.
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance and testing: In addition to visual inspections, pressurized fire extinguishers require internal maintenance, usually every six years, to verify their structural integrity. Let Fire Science Techniques provide this service for your Hoffman Estates business.
  • Fire extinguisher refill and replacement: A partially discharged extinguisher is less capable of putting out a future fire, so refill any depleted cylinders on the premises immediately. To ensure your building remains protected, we’ll loan you an extinguisher until we refill yours and return it to you.

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Exit and Emergency Lighting Services in Hoffman Estates, IL

Don’t let an evacuation situation become chaotic—invest in battery-powered emergency lighting to keep your building illuminated during a power outage. We can meet all your lighting needs with these services:

  • Emergency exit lighting installation and replacement: Let Fire Science Techniques build a new system from scratch or replace your existing equipment for better code compliance.
  • Emergency exit lighting inspection: Following installation, routine inspections are necessary to ensure your backup lighting system will function during a real emergency. We measure voltage and battery output, check for corrosion, clean the lens, and adjust and tighten the beam for optimal performance.

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Whether you need an inspection, installation, or repair, Fire Science Techniques is here for you. We draw from over 30 years of industry experience to ensure we can satisfy all your fire protection needs.

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