Fire Protection Services in Chicago, Illinois

If you’re looking to partner with a fire protection company in Chicago, IL, Fire Science Techniques can help you. We have a long history of providing quality fire protection installation and inspection services for restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and other businesses in Illinois.

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Fire Suppression Services in Chicago

At Fire Science Techniques, we specialize in kitchen fire suppression services for restaurants. We also install and service suppression systems for paint booths, server rooms, data centers, and other businesses. Our fire suppression services include:

  • Fire suppression installation and replacement: Our experienced engineers and technicians have years of experience designing and installing pre-engineered fire suppression systems. We’ll handle the entire process, from design and installation to final testing and approval.
  • Fire suppression inspection and testing: Keeping your business operational is a must, and that means you need to schedule regular fire suppression system inspection and testing. We’ll help you build a testing calendar that keeps your business compliant.
  • Fire suppression maintenance and repair: When deficiencies are found during a fire suppression system inspection, we can perform the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep your facility safe. Our services include hydrostatic testing, six-year maintenance, recharging tanks, and replacing power sources.
  • Fire suppression monitoring: You can’t always count on people being present when a fire starts. That’s why it pays to invest in fire suppression monitoring. This way, any time a blaze ignites, you can trust that the authorities will be instantly notified and immediately dispatched to your location. Nothing compares to the peace of mind that monitoring provides.

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Chicago Fire Extinguisher Services

Because handheld fire extinguishers are your business’s first line of defense against fires, it’s vital to keep them in proper working order. Rely on Fire Science Techniques for the following services:

  • Annual fire extinguisher inspection: Fire codes require you to schedule professional fire extinguisher inspections once a year. The service includes making visual checks of the pressure gauge, hoses, seals, and the cylinder itself. We’ll update the tag with the latest inspection date so you know when to schedule your next inspection.
  • Fire extinguisher refill and replacement: Whether you fully discharged an extinguisher when battling a recent blaze, or a small amount was discharged by accident, you should request a cylinder refill from Fire Science Techniques as soon as possible. If you need new extinguishers, we also sell replacements.
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance and testing: Pressurized cylinders require internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing, usually every six years, to verify their structural integrity. We offer these services to keep your building protected and compliant with local and national fire codes.

Exit & Emergency Lighting Services in Chicago, IL

Emergency lighting is powered by backup batteries to keep your building safe in a power outage. Fire Science Techniques offers complete exit lighting services, including:

  • Emergency exit lighting installation and replacement: Whether you need a new system designed from scratch, or you’re looking to replace your existing setup, we can meet your needs.
  • Emergency exit lighting inspection: Looking for fire inspection companies “near me”? Fire Science Techniques has you covered with automatic reminders designed to keep your building safe and code compliant.

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The next time you need a fire suppression system inspection or fire extinguisher refill, trust Fire Science Techniques for the job. We have over 30 years of experience as a fire system inspection company, and we’re confident we can help your business improve its safety and code compliance.

To request an estimate for fire protection services in Chicago, please contact Fire Science Techniques today.