Fire Protection System Installation in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin

Kitchen Fire Suppression, Emergency Lighting & More

Looking to bolster your building’s fire protection? It’s important to work with a reliable fire system installation company in your area. Fire Science Techniques has been a trusted source for quality kitchen fire suppression and emergency lighting installation since 1985. We serve business owners in the Chicagoland area, including southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation Near Chicago

Restaurants and other businesses with commercial kitchens face a higher fire risk than ordinary buildings. After all, high temperatures, flammable cooking fuels, and the hectic nature of commercial kitchens make this a highly fire-prone area. Luckily, Fire Science Techniques offers the fire protection systems that business owners need to suppress cooking fires quickly and effectively.

We install kitchen fire suppression in cafes, fast food restaurants, school cafeterias, hospitals, churches, food trucks, and more. We also offer fire suppression for other types of businesses, including paint booths and auto body shops with special fire hazards, as well as server rooms and data centers that need to protect delicate electronics from water damage.

You have three primary types of fire suppression systems to choose from:

  • Wet chemical fire suppression is ideal for extinguishing cooking fires in commercial kitchens.
  • Dry chemical fire suppression uses non-conductive chemicals that are safe around live electronic equipment. It’s also ideal for putting out fires in areas containing flammable liquids or hazardous materials.
  • Clean agent fire suppression—including FM-200, CO2, foam, Halon, and Inergen—is designed to safeguard critical business assets without leaving wet or powdery residue behind.

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Emergency & Exit Lighting Installation in the Chicago Area

Emergency lighting is a critical part of your building safety and evacuation plan. Fire Science Techniques can design and install a system to keep you in line with national and local fire codes and insurance requirements. We’ll handle the entire process from start to finish to deliver a reliable, compliant backup lighting system.

Once the installation is complete, we’ll register your equipment and create an automatic inspection schedule for your convenience. Maintenance usually occurs yearly to keep you in compliance with safety regulations.

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The Importance of Fire Protection Systems in Buildings

Keeping your building and personnel safe from fire requires a combination of fire prevention and fire protection techniques.

Fire prevention involves reducing the risk of fire in the first place. Here are some examples of smart fire prevention strategies:

  • Maintain a clean and orderly business
  • Dispose of ashes, soiled rags, and trash properly
  • Don’t store combustible items or flammable liquids near open flames and other heat sources
  • Clean the kitchen exhaust system regularly to remove flammable grease buildup
  • Never smoke indoors, and make sure cigarettes are out before disposing of them
  • Follow all fire safety regulations

Active fire protection defends your business if a blaze breaks out. These systems aim to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible to limit property damage. To maximize your fire protection efforts, follow these tips:

  • Install a kitchen fire suppression system
  • Keep fire extinguishers on hand as a backup
  • Install smoke detectors and emergency lighting
  • Regularly inspect, test, and maintain your fire protection systems to keep them working properly

Schedule Fire Protection Installation in IL, IN & WI

If you’re looking to install new fire protection systems in your building, or you need help with fire prevention tips, Fire Science Techniques can help. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our certified technicians are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to satisfy all your fire protection needs.

We offer fire protection services for businesses and commercial kitchens throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas of Cicero, Evanston, Hoffman Estates, Naperville, Orland Park, and Schaumburg in Illinois. We also serve northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin!

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